Happy New Year! The start of a new year is the perfect time to make a resolution. 

Start off 2019 right: Resolve to gain new insights and a better understanding of key trends in today's complex environment by attending WCRI's 35th Annual Issues & Research Conference, February 28 and March 1, in Phoenix, AZ .

One of those trends is that workers’ compensation benefits as a share of payroll are at their lowest level since 1980 and this share has been declining for over a quarter century. Some point to a legislated erosion of workers’ compensation benefits, but data suggest that many factors account for the decline.

At our conference, WCRI's CEO Dr. John Ruser will highlight contributors to this trend, emphasizing the pervasive decline in injury rates and workers’ compensation claim rates that are partially offset by increases in injury and claim severity. John will also identify factors responsible for these offsetting trends, including improvements in safety, changes in the mix of jobs and compensability rules, the aging workforce, and economic conditions. 

If you have not already registered, do it now so you can  elevate your career, expand your knowledge, and network with your peers. Save $50-$100 if you register before Feb. 9 and take advantage of our discounted hotel room of $269 per night, while supplies last. Apart from the money you will save, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your seat and hotel room are reserved. 

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