Interstate Variations in Use of Opioids, 4th Edition

This report examines interstate variations and trends in the use of opioids and prescribing patterns of pain medications across 26 state workers’ compensation systems covering data from October 2009 through March 2015.

The 26 states included in this study are Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia,… Read More >>

Comparing Outcomes for Injured Workers, 2016 Interviews

These studies update interstate comparisons of the key outcomes achieved by injured workers in Indiana, Massachusetts,… Read More >>

Comparing Outcomes for Injured Workers in Wisconsin, 2016 Interviews

This study updates interstate comparisons of the key outcomes achieved by injured workers in Wisconsin and 14 other states. It reflects a multiyear effort by WCRI to collect and examine data on the outcomes of medical care achieved by injured workers in a growing number of states.

By examining outcomes of injured workers,…

Recorded - Webinar on Provider Choice Research

Should the choice of provider in workers' compensation cases be left to workers or employers? We discuss our study The Effects of Provider Choice Policies on Workers’ Compensation Costs, in this recorded webinar, which was held on June 14, 2017. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Bogdan Savych, an author of the study and a public policy analyst at WCRI.


SAVE THE DATE - WCRI’s 2018 Annual Issues & Research Conference

The WCRI conference is a leading workers' compensation forum. The two-day program highlights presentations of WCRI’s latest research findings while drawing upon the diverse perspectives of highly respected workers’ compensation experts and policymakers from across the country. 


Prescription Opioid Use among Injured Workers Decreased In Many States, But Not All, Finds New WCRI Study

Cambridge, MA, June 27, 2017― As states implement reforms to address issues related to overuse and misuse of opioids, a new study released today by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) observed decreases in the frequency and amount of opioids dispensed to injured workers in a majority of study states. However, higher utilization of opioids and other high-risk utilization patterns were seen in some states in the most recent study period.


Two New Videos Promote WCRI’s Annual Conference and Membership

We have added two new videos to our website to promote membership and our annual conference. In both videos, current members explain why they joined WCRI and attend our annual conference. We are grateful for their participation. To watch either video, click on the links below and go to the bottom of the page.


10-18% of Injured Workers Across 15 States Never Reached Substantial Return to Work, Finds New WCRI Research

Cambridge, MA, June 20, 2017―Six new state studies published today by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) compare outcomes of injured workers in Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin and nine other states. The outcomes examined include recovery of physical health and functioning, return to work, earnings recovery, access to medical care, and satisfaction with medical care. 


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Brad Lehto
Chief of Staff
Minnesota AFL-CIO

“WCRI's research allows stakeholders in Minnesota to more independently evaluate our workers' compensation system. It leads to more informed discussion on system reforms in a balanced, unbiased manner. Over the…”

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