Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment:  A National Inventory, 2011


April 1, 2011 Related Topics: Medical Costs, Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment

As costs for workers’ compensation medical care continue to increase rapidly,  the pressure on policymakers and other stakeholders to contain those medical costs also continues to increase.   

This detailed report provides a comprehensive understanding of the strategies   and regulations authorized and in use in all 51 jurisdictions as of January 2011   – a valuable resource for policymakers and others. 

The report contains key features of each state’s cost containment initiatives, including:  

  • Medical fee schedules;
  • Regulation of hospital charges;
  • Choice of provider;
  • Treatment guidelines;
  • Utilization review/management;
  • Managed care;
  • Pharmaceutical regulations;
  • Urgent care and ambulatory surgical center fee schedules; and
  • Medical dispute regulations.

No other publication offers the same in-depth description of medical cost containment strategies in such an easy-to-use format. The tables may be purchased separately or as a group. 

Workers' Compensation Medical Cost Containment: A National Inventory, 2011. April 2011. WC-11-35.


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