Trends in the Delaware Workers’ Compensation System, 2016–2021

By Evelina Radeva

October 12, 2023 Related Topics: CompScope™ Benchmarks, CompScope™ Medical Benchmarks

This study is the third annual report examining key performance metrics of the Delaware workers’ compensation benefit delivery system. The analysis covers total claim costs, medical payments, indemnity benefits, disability duration, benefit delivery expenses, and other metrics. It analyzes how these metrics of system performance have changed over time from 2016 to 2021 (at various claim maturities) with payments made through March 2022.

The data used for this report exclude COVID-19 claims, for which the nature or cause of injury was COVID-19. Other WCRI research examined fee schedule changes and included Delaware in price and prescription drug benchmarking studies. Findings from other WCRI studies are included to provide a more complete picture of the Delaware system and to supply historical context for key metrics.

Trends in the Delaware Workers’ Compensation System, 2016–2021. Evelina Radeva. October 2023. WC-23-32.


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Research Questions:

  • What effect did the COVID-19 pandemic have on utilization of medical care?
  • What happened to wages of workers with injuries and duration of temporary disability in 2020 and 2021?
  • What impact did the availability of medical services and economic conditions have on total costs per claim?

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