Long COVID in the Workers’ Compensation System Early in the Pandemic

By Bogdan Savych

January 26, 2023 Related Topics: COVID 19

While most patients infected with COVID-19 recover quickly, some patients do not return to their usual state of health after the initial period of infection. 

Early in the pandemic, many patients reported experiencing a wide variety of recurring or new symptoms and complications weeks or even months after COVID-19. These persistent health consequences of the infection became known as long COVID.

The goal of this analysis is to examine the prevalence of long COVID among workers infected by COVID-19 and receiving treatment and/or income replacement benefits from the workers’ compensation system early in the pandemic.

The analysis includes COVID-19 cases reported with a date of infection between March 1, 2020, and September 30, 2020. For each claim, we collected information on indemnity benefits and payments for medical care that occurred through March 31, 2021. 

Long COVID in the Workers' Compensation System Early in the Pandemic. Bogdan Savych. January 2023. WC-23-16.




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Research Questions:

  • How often do workers with COVID-19 receive medical care beyond a short quarantine and/or recovery period? 
  • What is the prevalence of long COVID symptoms among workers with COVID-19? 
  • What are the industry and worker characteristics associated with long COVID? 
  • How do rates of long COVID vary across states? 

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