CompScope™ Benchmarks for Pennsylvania, 24th Edition

By William Monnin-Browder

April 23, 2024 Related Topics: CompScope™ Benchmarks

This study helps policymakers and other system stakeholders in Pennsylvania identify current cost drivers and emerging trends in a wide variety of performance measures of state workers’ compensation systems. This report provides meaningful comparisons between Pennsylvania and 16 other study states on key measures including indemnity benefits, duration of temporary disability, lump-sum settlements, medical payments, and benefit delivery expenses. It also examines how these metrics have changed from 2017 to 2022. In some cases, we use a longer time frame to supply historical context for key metrics. We also include information from other WCRI studies to provide a more complete picture of the system in Pennsylvania.

Note that the results we report reflect experience on claims through March 2023, including non-COVID-19 claims from the three years since the COVID-19 pandemic began (March 2020 through September 2022). The study, therefore, provides a look at how the pandemic impacted non-COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims in the first three years of the pandemic.

CompScope™ Benchmarks for Pennsylvania, 24th Edition. William Monnin-Browder. April 2024. WC-24-11.

Copyright: WCRI

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Research Questions:

  • How does Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system compare with 16 other states?
  • How have Pennsylvania’s system performance metrics changed over time?
  • Did COVID-19 have any impact on Pennsylvania’s workers' compensation system?

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