Dr. Sebastian Negrusa

Vice President of Research

The Vice President of Research is the organization’s chief research scientist, developing WCRI’s annual research agenda, leading or approving the design of studies, overseeing their progress and execution, and serving as the quality control officer for all WCRI research. The VP of Research is also responsible for translating research results for broader, nontechnical audiences, presenting the results of WCRI studies to policymakers and other system stakeholders.

Dr. Negrusa is an economist and expert in labor, health policy and defense economics. He conducted multiple health workforce studies funded by the federal government, state agencies and professional organizations. He has more than 10 years of experience analyzing the impact of health care programs and policies, using refined theoretical modeling and advanced econometric techniques. Other outcomes he studied encompass health utilization, spending, program integrity, or labor market outcomes. He published peer-reviewed research on the job satisfaction of health providers, substitutions across alternative sources of health insurance, impact of military deployment on divorces, and the effect of federal subsidies on the veterans' demand for higher education.

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