Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment: A National Inventory, 2008


February 1, 2009 Related Topics: Medical Costs, Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment

Medical cost containment became a focus for many states in the early 1990s when the medical portion of the workers’ compensation benefit dollar began to grow more quickly than many other claim costs. This focus led to growth in the adoption and variety of cost containment strategies.  

Designed to give policymakers and others a comprehensive understanding of the regulations in all 51 jurisdictions, this detailed reference documents what strategies are authorized and in use in each jurisdiction as of January 1, 2008, and provides additional references for those that wish to obtain more detail.

The tables include information on: medical fee schedules; regulation of hospital charges; medical and hospital bill review; choice of provider; treatment guidelines; utilization review/management; and managed care. These tables also include the growing areas of pharmaceutical regulations; urgent care and ambulatory surgical center fee schedules; and identify the two states that now have co-insurance on palliative treatment.

Workers' Compensation Medical Cost Containment: A National Inventory. February 2009. WC-09-15.

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