Texas-Like Formulary for North Carolina State Employees

By Vennela Thumula, Te-Chun Liu

March 1, 2016 Related Topics: Drug Formularies

Last year, the North Carolina General Assembly directed the North Carolina Industrial Commission to study the implementation of a drug formulary for workers' compensation claims filed by state government employees. This report focuses on two major issues in that mandate—specifically, how a Texas-like closed formulary might affect the prevalence and costs of drugs prescribed to North Carolina state employees.

The data used in this analysis include more than 180,000 prescriptions filled between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2014, by North Carolina state employees with or without indemnity benefits who received at least one prescription paid under the state workers' compensation program.

Texas-Like Formulary for North Carolina State Employees. Vennela Thumula and Te-Chun Liu. March 2016. WC-16-19.


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Research Questions:

  1. How frequently are non-formulary drugs that require preauthorization under the Texas closed formulary prescribed to North Carolina state employees and what are the frequently prescribed non-formulary drugs?
  2. What proportion of the prescription costs are for non-formulary drugs?
  3. If a Texas-like closed formulary is implemented, what are the potential prescriptions cost savings?

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