Impact of Banning Physician Dispensing of Opioids in Florida


July 1, 2013 Related Topics: Physician Dispensing, Prescription Drugs and Opioids

This study examines changes in opioid use among newly injured workers before and after the implementation of House Bill 7095. The bill banned physician dispensing of stronger opioids in Florida effective July 1, 2011. The study analyzed patients' prescription histories for the first 3-6 months after the injury. 

Impact of Banning Physician Dispensing of Opioids in Florida. WC-13-20. July 2013. 


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Research Questions:

1) Did physicians comply with the ban on dispensing strong opioids?

2) Did the ban reduce the overall likelihood that a prescription for strong opioids was filled?

3) Did the lower use of strong opioids after the ban mean that, prior to the ban, many physician-dispensed prescriptions for strong opioids were unnecessary?

4) Since physician-dispensers presecribed significantly fewer strong opioids for injured workers after the reform, did they substitute other pain medications for these patients? If so, were these pain medications dispsenced at pharmacies or physicians' offices?

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