Analysis of Illustrative Medical Fee Schedules in Wisconsin

By Richard A. Victor, Stacey M. Eccleston, Te-Chun Liu

March 1, 2007 Related Topics: Fee Schedules

This WCRI FlashReport was requested by the Wisconsin Division of Workers’ Compensation. The study describes how prices paid in Wisconsin compare to several illustrative options for fee schedules based on the Wisconsin Medicare reimbursement rates.

  • Wisconsin Medicare rates plus 25 percent
  • Wisconsin Medicare rates plus 50 percent

The reader should note that these are illustrative for the purpose of analysis, and should not infer that either is regarded by WCRI or the Division as an ideal. Other options can be analyzed.

FlashReport: Analysis of Illustrative Medical Fee Schedules in Wisconsin. Stacey M. Eccleston, Te-Chun Liu and Richard Victor. March 2007. FR-07-01.

Copyright: WCRI

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