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In this free 30-minute recorded webinar, Dr. Vennela Thumula discussed findings from the WCRI study, A Primer on Behavioral Health Care in Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ compensation stakeholders recognize that unaddressed behavioral health issues might delay a worker’s recovery and return to work and increase medical costs. This study helps to identify behavioral health issues in workers’ compensation and create a common language and understanding.

The webinar addressed the following questions:

  • How is behavioral health defined in the context of workers’ compensation?
  • What are psychosocial factors, and can they be a barrier to recovery following a work-related injury?
  • How important is early screening for psychosocial factors and other mental health conditions?
  • What non-medical and medical interventions exist to help those with behavioral health problems?

For the report, the authors interviewed workers’ compensation system stakeholders, including employers, insurers, labor advocates, and medical care providers. They also performed a review of occupational medical treatment guideline recommendations related to the provision of behavioral health services, as well as a literature review of studies focused on behavioral health services provided in workers’ compensation systems. By combining the stakeholder perspectives with information from guidelines and literature, this report can be used to form a common understanding about behavioral health in workers’ compensation.

Click here to watch this free webinar. Click here to download a copy of the slides.

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