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As policymakers and other stakeholders look for ways to improve outcomes for workers injured on the job, one health care delivery model that has received a lot of attention lately is Centers of Excellence (CsOE).

In this free one-hour recorded webinar, Dr. Randall Lea, an orthopedic surgeon and senior research fellow at WCRI, defines CsOE, describes how they compare with other care delivery models, reviews evidence on the extent to which they improve care and decrease costs, and discusses the relevance of CsOE in our current environment and the role they might play in treating workers injured on the job.

“It is likely that more and different types of CsOE will emerge in workers’ compensation,” said Dr. Lea. “Depending on your role in the industry, you may be asked to be involved or make decisions about their use. My hope is that the material we discuss during the webinar will help you identify those CsOE that provide the best and most comprehensive care possible.”

Click here to watch, and click here to download a copy of the slides.

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