Senior Research Analyst

Reports to: Executive Vice President and Counsel

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts


The Workers Compensation Research Institute seeks a Senior Research Analyst to play a leadership role in the nation’s largest and most impactful studies that benchmark the performance of a $60 billion social program. This program is a unique model for other social programs in that it is the only one that is financed and administered through the private insurance mechanism. The program also involves alternative models of health care financing and delivery with potential lessons for health care reform.  

The position involves sophisticated descriptive data analysis, report writing, presentations to public officials and diverse system stakeholder groups. The position will also be a major resource for other team members on the laws, regulations and practices of diverse state workers’ compensation systems.  

The successful candidate will be knowledgeable about workers’ compensation systems with a background in research, law, or the insurance industry. The benchmark reports are actively used in major public policy debates about healthcare costs and patient outcomes, benefits paid to injured workers, and costs paid by employers.  


Principal Duties/Responsibilities:

Works as part of a group of researchers that annually benchmarks the performance of state workers’ compensation systems.

Empirical and policy analysis of complex descriptive data, identifying actionable policy implications, writing reports for publication, and giving presentations and legislative testimony.

Be the team expert on the design and implementation practices of many state workers’ compensation systems.

Act as a mentor to researchers preparing and delivering the benchmarking studies with the goal of performing analyses and preparing study reports and presentations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Review work by other researchers.

Help individual team members to strengthen their capabilities and the team as a whole.

Lead innovations in product and process improvement.

In conjunction with the field directors at WCRI, build and maintain relationships with public officials and advocates for the needs of business, labor, and healthcare providers—establishing and strengthening the credibility and impact of the studies.


High integrity, embodies WCRI values.

Law Degree or Masters Degree in economics, statistics, public health, public policy, or similar field.

Significant expertise in workers’ compensation and within the workers’ compensation industry.  At least 8 years of relevant and increasingly responsible professional experience.

Demonstrated experience analyzing complex descriptive data, developing actionable findings, writing reports, and presenting findings to senior officials.

Strong interest in public policy research and issues.

Ability to synthesize all available information to see "big picture".

Able to function as an objective analyst, not an advocate.

Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Applications should be submitted to  or via mail to HR, WCRI, 955 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02139.

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