Director of External Relations

Reports to: President and CEO


WCRI will fill a new position, Director for External Relations, to serve as a team lead for WCRI staff engaged in external outreach, including the 2 Regional Directors and the Assistant Director for Membership Services.  Currently, these staff members are supervised by the president and CEO.  The Director for External Relations will report to the WCRI president and CEO and will be subordinate to the Executive Vice President.

There are several objectives in creating this new position:

  • Consolidate responsibility for revenue for CompScope and from employer, service provider and associate members
  • Expand revenue sources and revenue
  • Improve depth of talent (share tips and techniques, provide back-up, etc.)
  • Retain key incumbents in the organization
  • Free up time of executive staff

Within the scope of this position and those reporting to this position include funding for CompScope from Independent Rating Bureaus and state organizations, and employer and service provider membership recruitment and retention.  Executive staff (i.e., WCRI president and CEO and Executive Vice President) will retain revenue responsibilities associated with insurer memberships and Core Funders.                  

Principal Duties/Responsibilities:

The incumbent will serve as the leader of a team comprised of this position, 2 Regional Directors and the Assistant Director for Membership Services.  The incumbent reports to the WCRI President and CEO and is subordinate to the Executive Vice President. 


The primary duty of the incumbent is to grow membership and revenue.  As a means to this growth, the incumbent will expand awareness of WCRI and its impact, and identify and mitigate externally generated reputational risks.

The incumbent will serve as the WCRI ambassador to stakeholders in a select number of states, with duties similar to the other Regional Directors.  The incumbent will also serve as the leader of a team of externally focused staff, coordinating the activities of 2 Regional Directors as they serve as WCRI ambassadors to other states and other staff who provide membership services, including the Assistant Director for Membership Services. The incumbent will liaise with the Director of Communications to ensure consistency of messaging with state stakeholders.  The incumbent is responsible for revenue from CompScope, employers and service providers and associate members. The president and CEO and Executive Vice President retain responsibility for insurers and service providers who are also Core Funders.

The primary responsibility of the position is to increase revenue and membership.  This is accomplished in the following ways.

  • Maintain and expand WCRI revenue directly through outreach to selected state stakeholders either maintaining funding for current CompScope states or adding states to the CompScope program.  Identify and remove barriers to support.  The number of states under the Directors’ direct purview will be limited in scope, commensurate with the other duties of the Director detailed below.
  • Increase WCRI revenue directly by expanding the number of WCRI employer, service provider and associate members.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for prospective member assignment and follow-up by appropriate externally facing staff.
  • Evaluate and realign membership efforts to emphasize larger revenue sources.
  • Coordinate with the WCRI president and CEO and Executive Vice President to maintain and increase WCRI carrier membership.
  • Coordinate the revenue, impact, reputational risk management activities of 2 Regional Directors, by assisting the RDs in:
    • employing proper sales and messaging approaches;
    • reaching out in a balanced fashion to all of the states, employers, service providers and other potential members within their territories; and,
    • meeting or exceeding revenue and membership goals.
  • Supervise the revenue activities of the Assistant Director for Membership Services.

Growth in revenue is enhanced by expanding WCRI’s reputation and impact.  The incumbent will:

  • Identify and exploit opportunities for WCRI to have greater impact, particularly by identifying opportunities for WCRI research to be used in public policy debates and ensuring that use.
  • In coordination with the President, EVP and Director of Communications, develop external messages and communications.
  • Create and deliver presentations to disseminate major findings to key opinion leaders across various stakeholder groups.  Oversee quality assurance activities regarding the presentations of the the Regional Directors.
  • Recruit and, with EVP approval, seat appropriate members for WCRI advisory committees, provide regular communication, maintain relationships and facilitate meetings
  • Oversee the impact activities of the 2 Regional Directors, by
    • Ensuring proper information is being disseminated by the RDs regarding WCRI and its research products, by overseeing the development and quality assurance of appropriate materials and dissemination approaches;
    • Coordinating and distilling the RDs’ work to gather information from stakeholders regarding emerging public policy issues/debates that might be fodder for WCRI research;
    • Coordinating the RDs’ activities to disseminate impactful information about WCRI and its research.
  •  Identify, create and prioritize potential impactful research opportunities for WCRI, by:
    • directly gathering information from stakeholders about emerging public policy issues/debates in selected states,
    • synthesizing and prioritizing this information regarding other states within the territories of the 2 Regional Directors,
  • Communicate potential research opportunities and their priority in terms of timeliness and impact to the President/CEO, Executive Vice President and Research Director.
  • Supervise the impact activities of the Assistant Director for Membership Services.
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